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The Invention Of Balloons
May 23, 2017

In the second or third century AD, the earliest hot air balloon was invented in China and was used to transmit military signals.

Hot air balloon in China has a long history, known as the daylight or Kong Ming Deng, well-known scholar Joseph Needham also pointed out that in 1241 the Mongols once in the Liegnitz (Liegnitz) campaign used dragon light transmission signal. France's Menggefei brothers in 1783 only to the air to release the first in Europe filled with hot air balloon. France's Robert Brothers was the first to fly the ball with hydrogen filled the sky.

It was the winter of 1772, and the Montgomier brothers of Lyon, France, were sitting in front of the fireplace, and the smoke was rushed to the top of the furnace. Brother looked, my heart suddenly produced a fun idea: If you make a pocket, put the smoke in, do not you can let the pocket fly up? So the brothers find the two silk, sewn into a pocket, then put the pockets of cigarettes, pockets really rise up - this is the earliest human appearance of the balloon.

Later, the Montgomir brothers after 10 years of effort, and finally in 1783 to a huge hot air ball to the sky. After the king knew, they were invited to perform at the Palace of Versailles.