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Promotion Popular Logo Printed Round Latex Cheap Custom Balloon
Apr 13, 2018

Our latex balloons

Name Size Weight 
Standard Round Balloon10" 12" 18" 24" 36"1.5g; 1.8g; 2.2g; 2.5g; 2.8g; 3.2g; 8g; 10g; 11g; 25g
Pearl Balloon 10" 12"  1.5g; 1.8g; 2.2g; 2.5g; 2.8g; 3.2g 
Heart Shaped Balloon 12"3g
Long Magic Balloon #160   # 260   # 3601.0g; 1.3g; 1.5g; 1.8g; 2.0g 
Water Balloon       3''0.21-0.22g 0.23-0.24g
Punch Balloon 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 5.0g; 6.0g; 7.0g; 8.0g; 9.0g; 10.0g;11.0g;12.0g
Spiral Balloon 25cm, 30cm 1.0g; 1.3g; 1.5g; 1.8g; 2.0g 
8 Part Balloon 25cm, 30cm 1.0g; 1.3g; 1.5g; 1.8g; 2.0

Round and heart balloons, punchh balloons can be printed.