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Is The Balloon Safe?
May 23, 2017

It is recommended to use environmentally friendly requirements, can be microbial decomposition of high-quality balloon to do modeling balloons, first: safe and not easy to break, the second: can do more difficult complex knitting. In addition to the balloon to do modeling design, the use of air, so no security concerns. However, if you use a round balloon to float, be sure to use safe helium filling, and prohibit the use of hydrogen. Do not let the child put the balloon in his mouth, so there may be a risk of suffocation. In addition, for the festive release of a large number of helium balloon, although the country has not yet legislation to prohibit, but please abide by the following principles:

1) Do not release the empty floating aluminum foil balloon (aluminum foil is not easy to break down, aluminum foil will encounter high-voltage wire short circuit risk, aluminum foil will cause trouble on the flight

2) helium rubber balloon tied to the line do not use metal wire, the same as above.

3) helium rubber balloons, should be a ball tied a line of heavy objects, do not put a lot of balloons tied to the same weight. Because once flying balloon will not spread, easy to hang on the wire, or fall behind the line will be wrapped in animals and cause damage.

Therefore, as long as the above precautions, the balloon is very safe.