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How Balloons Decorate Your Wedding
Oct 10, 2017

Many new couples choose balloons to decorate their wedding, because balloons have not only lovely shapes and various colors but also they are economic. Balloons can decorate the background wall and many small details, they play an important role in increasing joyous atmosphere in wedding ceremony.


1. First, it is best to put balloons in right hang height and adjust a proper space between balloons based on the place of wedding ceremony, balloons are not suitable if the wind or wedding place is too big.



2.Balloon is one of favorite toys for most children, and they are one of perfect effect props in the wedding too. Balloons have many colors, different colors have different effects, red stands for passion, blue indicates elegance, purple symbolizes mysterious, pink signifies romantic.


3.There are a lot of shapes and types in balloons, round balloons are most frequently used, heart balloons indicate love, cartoon balloons are funny and lovely. Whatever the balloon shapes , new couples choose different balloons according to style of wedding.


4.Balloons can decorate wedding arch, window, the edge of stage, both sides of red carpet, they can be used to play game as well as, for example, there is a program on balloons, it can active wedding atmosphere.


5. Except round balloon, balloons can be created various shapes, it is better choice to decorate the desk or as table flower. 

wedding balloons 1.jpg