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Balloon Decoration
May 23, 2017

1: inflatable skills, single ball knot, ball ball knot, balloon combination, the ball in the ball, red lanterns, ball string, simple ball production, color ball color decoration.

2: color ball chain, four ball group color ball chain textile method, two-color spiral ball chain, three-color spiral ball chain, four-color spiral ball chain, monochrome ball chain, five ball flower ball chain, chain ball Chain, spiral symmetrical ball chain, arrow color ball chain, sugar gourd ball chain, color ball chain spacing, gradient color ball chain, belly ball chain, fish bone color ball chain, fish bone ball ring, tail ball ball Chain, falling ball chain, ball chain fill ball, ball chain connection, color ball chain installation and commonly used calculation, color ball chain weaving.

3: rainbow door, monochrome rainbow door, two-color spiral rainbow door, three-color spiral rainbow door, four-color spiral rainbow door, four ball flower rainbow door, five ball flower rainbow door, chain rainbow door, spiral symmetrical rainbow door, Rainbow door, candy gourd rainbow door, interval color rainbow door, gradient color rainbow door, rainbow door frame connection, rainbow door installation fixed.

4: three kinds of ball pillar weaving method, single color ball short column, two-color spiral ball column, three-color spiral ball column, four-color spiral ball column, interval color ball column, stage column, Roman column, , Balloon style, circling column, welcome pillar, balloon pillar.

5: balloon compilation, pattern text network, mesh network, fish bone chain network, tail ball network.

Cactus Tree, Sunflower, Pineapple, Carrot, Grapes, Balloons, Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails, Cocktails, Balloon blossom.

7: love skeleton modeling five solution star, love, heart heart, heart-shaped arches, love at first sight, white swan, color compass, ball ring