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May 23, 2017

A balloon is a sealed bag filled with air or some other gas. Balloons not only as a toy, but also as a means of transport. There are many types of balloons, and now the main introduction of natural latex produced by the balloon, can be used as decoration, opening celebration to do the arches, you can print on their own advertising patterns as a publicity, you can print photos of wedding as a congratulation, you can decorate the ball, New cars and so on, and now the balloon has become a beautiful landscape, more and more people get the favor! The Balloon as a toy in the past there is a name called "foreign eggplant", in the balloon opening there is a small whistle, the balloon blowing gas open outlet will have a very loud voice. Balloons can also be used as decorations, but also as a means of transport. If the balloon is large enough, the inside of the gas is lighter than the same volume of air, resulting in buoyancy over the balloon and attached objects (such as the basket, hot air balloon, etc.) weight, the balloon can rise.

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