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Advertising Balloon Making Steps
May 23, 2017

Advertising Balloon custom printing is divided into four steps to complete:

The inflatable step is to place the balloon in the fixed mold box, inflate with the air duct, and then convey it to the printing system via the conveyor belt for printing. Printing and transmission is synchronized, microcomputer speed control system will be in accordance with the lock speed uniform rotation, after printing the balloon to complete the drying process at the same time to ensure that each balloon printing effect clear scratch-free pattern without shedding, after drying Balloon coloring uniform pattern clear, rubber vulcanization transfer ink pattern has been fixed on the balloon never fall off.

Pile steps, after the dry balloon to go through the ball ball will print a good advertising balloon off, drying and stereotypes recovery, and finally into the advertising balloon packaging stage. Advertising balloon custom color distribution: ink and balloon color ratio is very strict or can not guarantee the pattern of clear and clear, the general color balloons such as yellow pink printing ink to use dark colors such as red and black, then the opposite color Heavy balloon printing to use light colors such as black balloons and red blue balloons when printing is best to use white advertising balloon special ink, so that the balloon and print patterns to form a role in setting off each other.

Advertising balloon as a cheap advertising materials, widely used in electronic appliances, food, clothing and other areas of publicity, opening celebration, wedding celebrations, festivals, anniversary celebration advertising balloons also play other advertising products irreplaceable The role of printing on the surface of the balloon LOGO, according to the customer to provide the pattern of printing, printing on the balloon business and trademark logo language, to celebrate the text, such as advertising. ① to expand the visibility of enterprises ② to expand product sales.

Advertising balloon into a small and medium enterprises to enter the market a new type of advertising means, both economic and affordable, in the shop, Zhou Qing, new product promotion, product promotion and other activities presented in order to achieve a wide range of popular brand effect.