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Saabining has played a new height! Balloon sets of small yellow chicken
May 24, 2017

The new quarter of the CCTV integrated channel "out of the Chinese people", Sabine Ning transition from the host to do the judges, the more and more flying themselves, as the atmosphere of the program, for the stage to create a lot of laughter. The recent program and out of a group of stills, Sabinin put on the balloon to do the model, turned into a small yellow chicken. But it was almost stuck, hair is also dangerous to be destroyed, users ridicule: their choice of small yellow chicken, with tears have to wear!

"Out of the Chinese people," the second phase of the program has been staged "happy balloon people", with a balloon to pass a happy group of "dreamer", the balloon play flowers. By their skillful to create, colorful balloons made of tens of millions of changes in the shape, and even make clothes to wear to the body Zhu Dan on the spot to wear their princess clothes, dream girl heart. So fun fun entertainment, how could be less Saibei Ning, the latest stills show, funny Sabine also took the opportunity to the balloon addiction. He put the yellow clothes in the head, a second transfiguration, as a small Meng Meng chicken. Although the vision is limited, but Sabinin waving a small hand, across the steps, threw to the judges, or even want to sit down on the seat, a series of clumsy action laughing judges. And off when the small Caesar was temporarily stuck, so that Cai Guoqing rushed over to "save". Although only a few minutes to wear, Sabine was sweating, the most valuable hairstyle is also destroyed, a profound experience to the performance of the pain behind the performers happy.

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