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Now the ball decoration in foreign countries has developed very mature
May 23, 2017

Balloon decoration is also known as ball decoration, advertising balloon from it is a colorful balloon cleverly woven into a variety of modeling patterns, its bright decorative colors and vivid artistic style, can give people a huge vision The impact and appeal, to decorate a variety of occasions to contrast the atmosphere; for a variety of festivals or activities, bring extraordinary feelings.

Balloon decoration is also a stylish, creative, unique art. It can be based on the different needs of people, the use of different colors of the ball, the use of weaving, strapping, winding, mosaic, paste, air drift and other methods, and construct a different plane, three-dimensional text and graphics. Such as arches, welcome short column, ball chain, love, peach, stars, table flowers, roadside flowers, straps, cartoon people, dragon, heart and so on, it can seize people's eyes, A warm scene, express the atmosphere of joy, decorate the landscaping, to express people's various ideas, moral and emotional.

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