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Custom Led Lighting Cheering Sticks

Custom Led Lighting Cheering Sticks

led light cheering stick,standard size:60*10cm,it can be customized, 2pcs with a straw in per bag, self-sealed when inflated, they can make sounds when beat each other and shinning in the dark, used for sport events, celebration, concerts, party etc.

Led cheering sticks description :

1. Fashion design with high quality, customized design can be available.

2. Material: Eco-friendly PE or non-toxic 

3. Feature: bell and led inside, they can make sound when they beat each other, and shining in the deak. 

4. Self-sealed when inflated. 

5. Used for sport events, concerts, party, advertising, promotion ect. 

Led cheering sticks specification :

NameLed cheering stick 
Payment1.T/T 2.Paypal 3.Western Union 4. L/C
Leading time15-20 days after the confirmation of payment 

Led cheering sticks show :

How to inflate cheering sticks:

led cheering stick.jpg

Led cheering sticks transport:


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